Monday, May 15, 2006

By a die hard romantic

I wrote this for a friend who had just broken up with her boyfriend. I intended to write a funny poem, to make her laugh, but this just wrote itself. At the time I thought it very romantic. They got back together again, I was left to laugh at my mush. But I still like this poem... The poem I never intended to write, which wrote itself under a desk during a boring english class, with my friend sobbing next to me.

To keep a dam from breaking,
A great wall was built.
To save my heart from breaking,
Such a wall I too must build.
So it was fated, so it must be.
Tell me my girl, don't you agree?

The wall stands between us,
Its foundations dig deep.
But through its battlements,
some tears must seep.
Cry then, perhaps weeping, you may bring,
some new purpose whence hopes may spring.

Of all sad words
of tongue and pen,
The saddest are these-
It might have been.
But then I ask, was it wise?
for a love that fades and then dies...

Perhaps we were never meant to be,
Perhaps we are better so.
Perhaps eventually we'll forget.
Perhaps, perhaps perhaps... but I don't know.

But my girl your friends are here.
To hold your hand, to wipe a tear.
Life, work, love, its all so great,
I'm over my girl, don't wait.


Prerna said...

I like the original two lines better...

arvind said...

do u wrt all these poems by urself??? im growing afraid of u by the minute...

Nithya said...

Arey name one thing in this poem thats scary. I worte it cos I was a sentimental schoolgirl at that time.
But thanks for the idea. I'm kinda inspired to write a spooky poem now:p

Nitisha said...

Hey, did ya really have to put up this one? What abt the one's yu wrote for the Birthday put those up!!

Nithya said...

I've lost all the birthday poems:( They were in a diary, which somehow got misplaced while I was shifting. Anyway, they were too personal, so to post them I'd need to give a lengthy explanation.

arvind said...

i didnt mean scary stuff in the poem...i meant that im gettin scared that u such tuf scared of people who rt poems..poetophobia :)

Nitisha said...

I have mine :), If ya do wanna put it up let me know!

ns.harsh said...
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Deepak Kumar Mishra said...

Loved the idea correlatin a Seeping dam wid tears :) Gr88

touchy said...

gosh ! the last two lines just blew my face...btw have recently started reading your blog, and I am inspired by your beautiful ideas.. all the Ks and As :)
it took me a minute to figure out..the 'all but kitchen sink' thingy put me in's like a breeze of fresh air.. something I lost long back :(

Keep the embellished street bustling :)