Sunday, June 25, 2006


I spin
spin out of control
I don't need
to leave the ground
to fly.
Shimmering droplets of sweat
fall to the floor like teardrops
weeping for joy
the very joy of motion.

I stretch, I lunge,
I twist, I bend.
Pain, in its very essence
shoots up muscles like needles
yet all I feel is a driving greed
Don't stop.
Never stop.

Pain and pleasure melt into one
fused together,
I can no longer tell the difference.
Is this ecstasy?
I knew of nothing better.
Is this torture?
I knew of nothing worse.
I simply know this.
Don't stop.
Never stop.


Vibhav said...

thats pretty good....but i havent been able to understand if yu are happy or sad....!

arvind said...

will u rt some poems abt pains involved in tortures please...then we can put it up in orkut on torture community...i like this poem the best since pain is something i like...

pappu said...

write something about killing people...with me involved in it..

Nithya said...

Hey Vibhav! My poetry's totally open to intepretation. Think of it what you will:)
But I never wrote it thinking of pain and killing or anything. Awfully sorry @pappu but I don't anticipate feeling bloodthirsty anytime in the near future.
If I ever write anything like that Arvind, you're welcome to share it with the torture society:)

pappu said...

no re..i want people killing me... not me killing people..

Anonymous said...

I really love this one, I think its gonna be hard for these "Guys" to understand it....hehe

pappu said...

pls pls pls.... write one poem in which i am killed brutally re... pls nithya pls...

Aha! I'm an arrays win shark. said...

Amazing piece of work!!!!! I can really relate to it in every way!!!