Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ah, life

I had an epiphany this morning, as I sat at 7am outside my room, trying to blow soap bubbles.
James Herriot said of the veterinary profession, that it offers you innumerable opportunities of making a total chump of yourself. I found myself thinking of his words this morning as I watched a particularly large bubble pop.
Since I've come to college, I've done a huge number of things I never in my wildest dreams planned on doing. I've run barefoot around the deserted Open Air theater in IIT at 2am, behind a stray dog that had stolen my shoe. I've I've spent infinitely many arduous hours making 'cheat sheets' and constantly marveled on just how many words you can fit into a single A4 sheet, if you just write them small enough. I've acted in a play in which I mouthed the dialogue, "I'm dying, dammit! I'm dying!"
I have also walked barefoot along the entire length of the IIMA campus, while carrying a Veena, thanks to a broken sandal strap. I have driven a 20 year old, rickety kinetic honda at 60kmph in blinding rain, while pulling along a laughing foreigner on a cycle. I've fallen passionately in love with my bed, and for once, in this relationship, I'm the more communicative one. I've made one serious attempt to choreograph a classical-style shadow dance, to a piece of music that opens with heavy breathing that merges into hip-hop beats. The dance was thankfully never performed. Once a year, I wear ridiculous clothes and practice my 'come hither' look on a bunch of screaming girls, for the honor and glory of my wing. I've painted my face white and blacked out my eyes to look like a zombie for the department Halloween day celebrations, only to discover that I was the only person in costume in the entire class of 60.

Every ridiculous thing I do is chalked down on the slate of experience. At the very least, some of my friends did have a good laugh at my expense. So, I disagree with Herriot. It isn't only the veterinary profession that offers you infinite opportunities of making a fool of yourself- it's life itself.

PS: This post was actually begun on the day of filming of the InsIghT spoof video, in which we were doing a mock 'soap'box, which explains the bubbles.


Ess Dee said...

blowing bubbles seems like fun! i should do that :-)

nice to see a post here after quite a while tho ;-)... i guess ppl are lukkha during *endsems* :-P

arre Nithya.. these IIM people are not giving me my results rey. What should I do?

Nithya said...

Endsems are over:)
Ah well, sit tight. The results should be out soon. Waise my brother's also waiting for his results, so I know how you feel.

If you want fundaes on blowing bubbles ask me, I'm expert at the subject now. I know which kind of soap to use, the soap:water ratio and why a paper cone is best to blow bubbles from:p

Mohan said...

Im dying dammit!!! Im dying!!! haha... Sorry for those cliched lines, but tht was fun wasnt it... and yeh so was insight spoof... talk about making a fool out of myself... langda tyaagi bahu bali!!!!
and btw, cant picture u in the holloween dress u described... must have been quite a laugh :P

Ravali said...

tell me abt walking into a class dressed for halloween....
i walked into a class of 75 (15 more than urs) dressed for dhinch day....apparently the insti dhinch day
and though i didnt die in ne of my plays...i did have a few scenes to my credit...with a name meena kumari.....with an alter ego dressed in a superman's costume...and well last but not the least....i had to hug sumone on stage with half the crowd cheering and the comperor saying tht this was definetly a once done thing on the stage of IIT Bombay :P
soap bubbles?...hmmm i did tht last yr with some liquid tht i bought frm juhu beach...its fun :D

Anonymous said...

looks like your life really lacks adventure ...

Vartika said...

talk about the wildest things i've done i thought i'll never do...
uhmm...well...still counting and for sure the number sees no ending!