Wednesday, March 05, 2008

panegyric on Grapes

Grapes are perhaps the most perfect of all fruits. They're so easy to eat too, you just pluck them off and chew. There's no business of peeling or removing seeds. There's something quite decadent about eating them off a bunch. It brings visions of Arabic princes surrounded by houris, puffing smoke from hookahs while being fed grapes.
And look at the structure of a grape, especially the long waxy green ones we see. Faintly blushing, they have incredibly taut, delicately thin skin. They're the perfect size too, to just fit in your mouth one at a time. Then when you bite, the skin explodes in a positive eruption of sweetness, with just enough tartness to make you smack your lips in delight.


Vartika said...

ohlaa!! never was the experience described or felt like dis!!
P.S. are you like preparing for GRE miss editor!?

Nithya said...

Not this year atleast:) Aaraam se 5th year mein denge.

crazed_mellow said...

hey .. just looked at the last post.

and i truely feel that its never too late to do whatever u want to. if u really want to do it and are not doing it because u have nothing better to do, i dont think 'teenage' is any kind of criteria to go by.

raul said...

maahhhhhh...very sensual description ma'am!!

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