Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blogathon: Terror of the night

Thre's a frog in my bathroom. 
I dropped my toothbrush and when I bent to pick it up, found myself staring into a pair of intensely black, beady eyes. I did not scream. I'd like to claim that was because I remembered my hard working and tired parents asleep in an adjacent room, but I think it was simply because I was paralyzed with horror.  
I stared into those eyes and they stared back at me. Then the creature gave a horrid little gurgle and jumped at me. I ran out and double bolted the door from the outside.
Now I can never enter my bathroom again.
And the essay's barely begun. I'm still recovering from a serious case of jangling nerves.
It's gonna be a long night.


Rylan said...

what is this essay for/about?

Nithya said...

It's a piece for this magazine I'm freelancing for. Stuff on contributing to the society. Dreadfully dull, which is why I procrastinated so much in the first place.

Ravali said...

he he he.. tried kissing the frog?? maybe it wud have turned into a prince ;)