Sunday, December 14, 2008


We've moved into this huge, very old house. It's a house that the British built and once lived in and is simply lovely, but far too big for just the four of us. The ceiling is so high, the slightest sound echoes. So, we spend most of our time tiptoeing around, trying to make as little noise as possible.
Amma recently acquired this huge pendulum clock for the living room. It's impressively varnished and has a giant gold pendulum that swings importantly from side to side. Amma is very proud of it, she thinks it lends a certain air to the room. Unfortunately, the clock displays a sadistic nature quite unexpected from its ponderous appearance. Every hour it announces itself with a tune. And not the same tune, mind you, for that would be so passe, but a different tune each hour, which seem to grow longer as the hour lengthens. And when you lie in bed with your pillow over your head and wait for the tune to end, the clock still isn't done with you. For, once the tune ends, the clock tolls the hour- in great ringing notes that echo in every room of the house.

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$udhi said...

i hate antique clocks which are make periodic loud noise
tch tch, any chance to turn down the volume?
i tried it with our old clock
only to break the circuit :D

and frogs don't bite
they pee :P
when i was kid my dad used to teach me how to catch frogs :)
and one day when i finally got it right, i found my hand was full of frog-piss!!! (yeah, my brother told me that frog-piss is itchy and should be washed off immediately or you will scratch for a week!!! )

BTW what colour?
i mean the frog :-?
green ones are usual, i saw a grey one last monsoon in iitb campus

keep up the blogothon
fir up the generator/inverter , if you have one

~$udhi :)