Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The rains are finally here and sitting in office is becoming harder than ever. You see, our garden is calling to me, and it is never so insistent or alive as when it rains. Gnarled trees thrive on those grounds along with prickly lemon bushes laden with gleaming fruit. There's a fish pond with tiny black fish swimming about busily in circles and pale lilies with the most glorious perfume. There is a family of cobras that you can sometimes see disappearing into bushes and brightly orange pomegranate flowers that look like miniature traffic cones.
All of this will be singing today. The leaves will collect little pools of raindrop till they droop with the weight and spill their bounty on the earth, then they'll spring back up and collect some more. The fish will swim about even more madly in a wild game with the pattering rain.
The earth, oh, the earth will smell so lovely today, and the gravel will get all crunchy and the soil brick-red. And the trees will swing wildly in the wind and do their best to look intimidating. And the grass will gather all the rain, beaming an electric green, and squelch delightfully when walked on. That big, blowsy red rose I saw yesterday will be battered by the drops till all the weak and drying petals fall off and only its pure red heart remains.
All this will be happening, while I sit in this air conditioned office and try to listen for the rain.


Neeta said...

The description would want anyone to get out into the rain!

Ravali said...

I went to the insti for a drive after a long time just aftr a shower..... and it feels exactly like u described abt ur garden....well maybe a lil different.... but def as blissful.... it was awesum.... its not the same mumbai outside the gate as it is inside :)

Hakuna Matata said...

If Ayn Rand wrote Ruskin Bond stuff - this would probably be it ( think first page of Fountainhead)

Ravali said...

its been long since u posted :(

Vinay said...

lovely description :) .. reminiscence!