Monday, December 07, 2009

Written snapshots

In creative writing class, we discussed an essay by Margaret Atwood where she points out that one can never actually meet the writer of a book one has read and loved. By the time the book has been edited, published and distributed, the writer has moved on. He has evolved and grown older and changed into someone else.
It's a fascinating thought isn't it? That every piece you write is like a polaroid snapshot of you, as you are then and never will be again.
I've realised lately, that the written word is my favourite method of preserving memories. So, I've started a new blog, here. The whole point of the new blog is written snapshots, of everyday moments that made me happy, that I want to squirrel away. The point of Colours is different. I wondered once, why it was I blogged. I know now, that the point of Colours at least, is analysis. It's a place to capture a few of the hundreds of little epiphanies that happen to us each day, thoughts that are often felt rather than voiced. Ans while my new blog is about chronicling experiences, Colours is and will always be a place for thoughts and for watching them change.


Alberto García Sánchez said...

ok, but please never try to analyze a poem, just enjoy it..
please to meet you!

Nithya said...

@Alberto, very pleased to meet you too! Thank you so much for visiting and for linking my blog on yours.

I promise to never analyze poetry. Some things should be accepted for what they are, not what they might be :)

lakshmi said...

Well said, my daughter! You could paraphrase your thoughts so well about in this blog!