Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teacher's Pet

A few days ago, on my way back from class, I saw the children from the local KV practicing their Republic Day march past on the street. A red-faced PT master was shouting out instructions, while the children stamped and shouted "left-right-left" energetically, but without much synchronization. One chubby little girl at the front with two oiled pigtails and big red bows however, was concentrating furiously and trying her best to catch the master's attention with her marching. She really reminded me of myself.
Through most of school, it was very important to me to be the teacher's pet. I loved being held up as an example. When teachers would say things like, "Why can't you be more like Nithya?" or "Sit next to Nithya and learn how to behave," I would flush pink with pleasure. This naturally made me rather unpopular with my classmates, but I was too busy gloating to notice.
I did change eventually, my friends began to like me (I hope), and I discovered the joys of sitting on the last bench- reading novels and passing chits. But that energetic little girl brought it all back, for a minute. I hope she grows out of it someday too. Being a back-bencher is far more fun!


Rene Lacoste said...

Brings back memories...I used to lead my contingent:) Never the teacher's pet though :P

anasuya said...

Yes same here - goody-two shoes :)

lakshmi said...

It is too good to be a teacher's pet. Particularly so if the teacher is too snooty

Ravali said...

i was also a pet of this one particular teacher who the whole class hated... coz she taught history and most of us (including me ) found it boring... i did like her but was too scared to accept it coz i thought my frnds wud tease me or make fun of me
I really miss being her pet now :)

and then Madhusudhan sir (the hitler frm ramaiah) .. i knew he liked me.... but again he was too scary to even think i cud b his pet untill i heard his praises for me in front of my mom ... for the first time... the day we gave our JEE

Nithya said...

@Moti, contingent? As in marching band contingent? Excuse me while I =))

@Anasuya, I bet you were :)

@Ma, you're obliged to say that :)

@Ravali, I can think of a few profs here too, who think of you as their particular pet. *cough*Babloo*cough*